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At Pahrump Bail Bonds we offer our customers with a 100 % money back guarantee on any Bail Bond written by our company in the event the Defendant is not released from custody on the Bail Bond executed for his or her release.

For instance, you come into our office and buy a bail bond for the amount of $50,000.00 dollars and pay the premium of 15% ( $7500.00) and the defendant is not released on this bond for said case, we at Pahrump Bail Bonds will refund your $ 7500.00 dollars in full.

This should be standard practice with all Bail Bond Companies, but we have heard stories that there are companies that have kept premium and the defendant was never released form custody.

How Bail Works In Pahrump

Posting a bail bond (Surety Bond) is a contract between the co-signer, the defendant, and the bail bondsman for the release of the defendant from jail. The bail bondsman guarantees the defendant will appear in court after release from the jail to all court dates related to this case. For a person to post bail, he or she either must pledge collateral to the bail bondsman or co-sign the contracts for the defendant.

The fee to post a bail bond in the State of Nevada is 15% of the total bail amount as required by state law (NRS 697.300) Once the contracts are filled out and signed, the premium for bail bond is paid which is Non-Refundable, the bail bond company will deliver a bail bond for the full amount to the county jail in which the defendant is incarcerated for his release. Depending on the facility in which he or she is located at will determine the release time. Times vary from 2-10 hours. We at Pahrump Bail Bonds will do everything possible to speed up the process.

If the defendant makes all his court dates as required, one of two things must happen, the case is dismissed by the court or the court imposes a sentence for the defendant. A sentence may include probation, jail time, fees, court costs, restitution, etc. When one of these two this occur the bail bond is exonerated by the court. At this point the co-signer is no longer responsible for the bail bond posted on behalf of the defendant as well as the bail bondsman to the court.

Pahrump Bail Bonds will walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

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It may be paid by cash, credit-debit card, or cashiers check.

Not always, it depends on the amount of the bond and the person co-signing, (credit, job history, etc.)

The Bonding either has to help the defendant get back on calendar before the court, locate the defendant and put him back in custody, or pay full amount of the bond to the court.

Being the co-signer means you are responsible for the full amount of the bond until the bail bond is exonerated by the courts.


15 % of the full bail bond amount (Premium) which is Nevada State Law (NRS 697.300)

As soon as the jail has bail bond information to provide to the Bonding Company.

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