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Here at Pahrump Bail Bonds, we have been satisfying our customers for over 18 years in both Clark County Nevada and Nye County Nevada. We provide fast, respectful, privacy transaction for a Bail Bond. One call is all it takes to Pahrump Bail Bonds to get the process started to get your loved one released. 

Pahrump Bail Bonds posts Bail Bonds throughout the entire United States. We specialize in HIGH RISK Bail. On most Bail Bonds no collateral is required. Anyone can be arrested at any time so here at Pahrump Bail Bonds we answer our phones 24 Hours a day seven days a week. Don’t let your loved ones spend one more minute in Jail, call Pahrump Bail Bonds NOW.    

Pahrump Bail Bonds
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I would recommend this bail bond company in Pahrump. As a fellow bail bondsman in Las Vegas I can say this company is ethical and cares for each client they help. - Las Vegas Bail Bonds

I have known this bail bond company for many years and I can say with the highest confidence they are reputable. - Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

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You are dealing with a troubling time, your friend or loved one is in jail and their freedom is a priority. Lean on a fast, friendly, and knowledgable bail bond agency. Call Pahrump Bail Bonds Now! 

Our Satisfied Customers

Jenniffer S.

Las Vegas, NV

5.0 5.0

"I can personally vouch for this company when it comes integrity and how they do business. If you need bail call Pahrump Bail Bonds!"

John T.

Las Vegas, NV

5.0 5.0

"I can say Pahrump Bail Bonds is the most caring company I have dealt with in Pahrump. These people are well informed about the bail bond process. I recommend them to anyone in Pahrump."

Philip A.

Las Vegas, NV

5.0 5.0

"I was visiting a old family friend when I got arrested for an outstanding warrant from 15 years ago. I called Pahrump Bail Bonds and they were able to help me resolve this issue quickly."